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  Professional level day trading site and swing trading newsletter offering the best performance results anywhere.

Also check out the Stockstoshop Traders Chat

We have spent the last ten years developing our
Free Trial  BestDayTrader unique trading system. This explosive system delivers consistent high profits every day, while maintaining a great risk vs. reward ratio.
You will learn how to achieve consistent profits, protect your gains and become a successful trader. We offer many services that will help you achieve your financial goals.

Real time day trading chat room for the active day trader. The day trading chat room is for those who are looking to join a winning team of day traders and make a high consistent daily return. We have designed a series of web seminars, live seminars, video tapes and private consultations that will take you from a novice trader to an expert trader. We teach everything you need to know to trade, we do not hold anything back.
Get your one on one session with our head trader. You can get help with technical analysis, system development, trading psychology or trading techniques.

Momentum Scalping For Profits

This system can be used as a stand alone system to capture short term moves in the market. It is extremely accurate and profitable. It can also be used in conjunction with our other courses to achieve pinpoint accuracy in your entries and reduce your risk down to pennies.

  • How to find the best stocks for scalping
  • Understanding level 2 screens
  • Market makers and how to beat them
  • Understanding size, spreads and liquidity
  • Using level 2 screens to pinpoint your entries
  • Using level 2 screens to reduce your risk
  • Finding momentum and instant profits using level 2
  • Videos include live examples that show you exactly how to use the system
How to pick perfect tops and perfect bottoms every time

You will learn how to pick trend reversals with pin point accuracy so you are always in at the beginning of the trend and not the end. You will learn all wave patterns and indicators required for trading trends.

  • Find perfect trades with high probability ratios.
  • Learn to evaluate risk and profit potential on a trade.
  • Learn the logic behind trends and why the market behaves the way it does.
  • Learn our full set of indicators that will allow you to pick every top and every bottom.
How to find and trade explosive breakouts

Breakouts are explosive moves that deliver maximum profits in a quick burst. You will learn all the breakout patterns, indicators to use and scans required for trading breakouts.

  • Find explosive setups with high probability ratios.
  • Learn to recognize winning chart patterns
  • Find low risk, very high reward trades every time.
  • Be in the trade before it breaks out and learn how to manage it.
  • Learn a full set of indicators that will find the breakouts for you.
Performance Avg points per day:
Avg profit per day:
Avg profit per trade: 15%
% profitable:
Delivery Real time chat room, fully interactive during trading hours. Posted in our "members only" section of the website once a day around 10 PM ET.
Type of trader This room is designed for those who want to be active traders, possibly making a living day trading in the market. This service is designed for those who want to take advantage of short term moves in the market, but do not want to day trade.
What our clients say:

"Should I trade or should I leave now? One of the few days over 6% :)"
"I took almost 8 points out of the market today... i have been trading for about 2 years and have never done this much"
"BEST trading day ever:)))))))))"
"Thinks I will quite for 2da... up +$2232 on 60 trades and don't wanna give any back"
"Thanks for all the great call today"
"Shay thanks 4 today - went way over target!"
"Shay - Best day to date! Thanks for everything! Just was patient and followed your calls when able to trigger!"
"Have to say that after one week here I've been very impressed with the calls"
"You make me smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"in all seriousness we are very critical of systems and other traders...your stuff is really excellent and I am a pro"
"ok guys - my daily target has been reached twice"
"Shay, amazing calls!"
"I never learnt this much in such a short time frame!"
"shay - I honestly want to thank you for your calls and for your excellent guidance"

"I'm living a dream... Two months after taking your seminar I started to average more than 2% a day on my account (with compounding!) by day trading your calls in the chat room. My last losing day (-$11.) was three weeks ago. I'm grateful for you teaching me your trading system."
I.V. - San Diego, CA

  • Market and sectors analysis
  • Precise stock picks for the next day
  • Holding time between overnight and 10 days
  • Profit objective of 20%
  • Update section for our stock picks
  • Market wisdom and education
  • Charts to guide you with your trading
  • Strict risk/reward ratios
  • Real stocks only
  • Can be used for options trading.

Avg.  profit per trade: 17%
% profitable: 90.89%

 Click Here-----> BestDayTrader - Professional level day trading site and swing trading newsletter offering the best performance results anywhere.

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