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Will the millennium market be a boom or a bust? Charles W. Kadlec has an answer, and it's a promising one. He contends that we are facing the dawn of a Great Prosperity, a time of unequaled investment opportunities if you employ a strategic outlook. Innovative and provocative, Dow 100,000 discusses the forces propelling this prodigious boom.List $30.00

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For the first time, the Gardner brothers offer an in-depth analysis of several of their own theories of stock picking. They debate, discuss, explore, and explain a number of different investing techniques, while telling the listener exactly how to improve his or her investment skills. Analog Audio Cassette List $18.00

Sale 4.99

On this tape, discover how to: understand the risks and returns involved in different types of investments. Invest in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds with confidence. Purchase and invest in real estate with success. Start or buy your own small business. 1 audio cassette List $12.00

Sale $11.99

Like the other books in the Complete Idiot's series, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Making Money on Wall Street is upbeat and geared to the absolute beginner. Christy Heady guides the reader slowly but surely down a road paved with CDs, mutual funds, stop orders, and dividend reinvestment plans.List$18.99


In The Roaring 2000s Investor, Dent provides the information people will need to achieve the life they want - for the rest of their years. Dent offers a unique approach to building a diversified portfolio for the emerging economy. Whether you are planning to retire in ten years or forty years, whether you are looking for a larger home, whether you are planning to put several children through college or planning for life after the graduates leave college, you will need a financial plan . CD-ROM Audio Book List $23.50

Sale $14.99

Ric Edelman shows you how to choose fun, enriching and rewarding financial goals and gives you a simple straightforward plan for achieving them. As he reveals in this audio, all you need to become wealthy is to decide what you want to do with your money. With enticing, personal goats in place, you'll motivate, excite and sustain yourself in your quest for wealth.  Abridged on 5 compact discs. List$29.95 

Sale $9.99

Dubbed "the King of emerging market funds" by The Wall Street Journal, Mark Mobius is a master at picking international stocks. Since 1987, he has managed billions in Franklin Templeton fund assets, recording returns that are the envy of the industry. Now, in this entertaining insider's guide, Mobius shows readers how to: locate foreign industries with the greatest growth potential; determine the best times to buy and sell;  2 cassettes.
List $17.98

Sale $14.99

Do you have the millionaire mind? The runaway bestseller The Millionaire Next Door told us who America's wealthy really are. The Millionaire Mind tells how they got there, and how to become one of them. Inside, you'll discover the surprising answers to questions such as: What success factors made them wealthy in one generation?  Analog Audio Cassette
List $39.95


This is a list of some of the best selling Trading and Investment Books, Audio Tapes and CD's on sale today up to 50% off list. All prices for the investment books, tapes, cd's include FREE shipping to the U.S. and Canada. Secure online ordering for the Stockstoshop Network.

Dramatic changes in the economy and the market demand a new edition of the bestselling guide. This revised volume helps readers to devise a lifetime investment program that minimizes risk and adapts easily to changing financial goals, markets, and investment trends.
List $16.00 Sale 9.99

In 1991, Michael B. O'Higgins, one of the nation's top money managers, turned the investment world upside down with an ingenious strategy, showing how all investors - from those with only $5,000 to invest to millionaires - could beat the pros 95% of the time by putting 100% of their equity investment into the high-yield, low-risk "dog" stocks of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
List $15.00 Sale $9.99

Offering a one-on-one consultation with one of the most successful stock analysts around, Beating the Street will help you make the right investment choices. Running time: approximately 3 hours. Audio tape.
List $17.00 Sale $9.99

Presenting the collective wisdom of the last 100 years, this witty and wise book provides an instant introduction into the "real" world of investing for the beginner and a reminder for those more experienced investors who may need a refresher course in the fundamentals. A serious investment book with a light touch,
List $24.00 Sale $11.99

You're no idiot, of course. But when it comes to taking that extra money and investing it, you feel like the safest place to put your cash is under your mattress. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Investing Like a Pro gives you the expert information you need to make sense of the investing world and make your money work for you.
List $18.95 Sale $11.99

These days, when CNBC's David Faber talks, Wall Street listens. Unlike the talking heads that populate the financial news channels, Faber is a down-and-dirty investigative reporter. For six years, on CNBC's popular Squawk Box and in his own segments, Faber has broken story after story. Each day over one million people tune in to hear his daily report.
List $25.99 Sale $14.99

If you had invested $10,000 in these mutual funds, your investment would have grown to $30,507 in 5 years (INVESCO Strategic Financial Services Portfolio), $35,509 in 10 years (Berger 100 Fund) and a whopping $95,696 in 15 years (also Berger 100 Fund)! Whether you're a novice or experienced investor, Grow rich with Mutual funds.
List $19.99 Sale $11.99

A noted investment analyst takes readers behind-the-scenes with 12 investment managers, revealing their most successful secrets. As an added bonus, each "guru" offers his or her top ten growth stock picks for the next millennium.
List $14.00 Sale $9.99

Here's the definitive guide to investing and managing your money online. This easy-to-use guide covers everything from getting online to Wall Street fundamentals to researching and investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, and IPOs online.
List $16.00 Sale $9.99

This is the first audio to advise listeners how to understand the signals put out by the markets, and how to use that information to their advantage in all aspects of their lives. Individuals who heed the warnings of the markets will make better personal decisions regarding: investments, mortgages, and loans, real estate purchases. Unabridged on 4 cassettes / 6 hours.
List $25.00 Sale $11.99

Imagine traveling alone into unknown territory. You feel lost, and somewhat anxious. You know why you're there, but what do you do and see? How do you speak the native tongue? Suddenly, you hear a voice, and a confident monologue reassures you that it's a good thing you're here. This book is the voice of online investing.
List $16.95 Sale $9.99

Larry E. Swedroe argues that the right strategy never changes, no matter whether the bull is stampeding or the bear has emerged from hibernation. Despite all the horrible investment experiences that have been reported, those investors who followed the fourteen simple truths outlined in this book including the building of globally diversified portfolios
List $25.00 Sale $14.99

Winning with the Market simplifies the investment process, freeing investors from the tyranny of so-called experts who promise huge returns on the latest hot stock, junk bond, or costly mutual fund -- a strategy that has brought both financial and emotional strain to many investors in the volatile markets of recent years.
List $13.00 Sale $8.99

For the millions of fans of The Motley Fool's online investment site and bestselling books, and for financial neophytes who have yet to discover their wisdom, comes a primer explaining how to invest any sum of money and reap the greatest profit. Analog Audio Cassette
List $18.00 Sale $9.99

For over forty years, generations of investors have turned to How to Buy Stocks for advice and information they know they can trust. This extensively revised edition preserves Louis Engel's savvy investment principles and easy-to-understand explanations, but now included all the up-to-the-minute information you need for successful investing in the 1990s. SC, 398 pages.
List $16.00 Sale $9.99

The affluent market segment is growing seven times faster than the household population in this country. Dollar for dollar the most productive way to penetrate the affluent market is to network with its members, their advisors, and key members of their important affinity groups. 4 audio cassettes.
List $26.00 Sale $14.99

In the midst of all that hype, Bob Prechter rushed to publish a book that would warn investors of an awakening bear market (he also forecasted the great bull market's liftoff back in 1979). He warned that the coming crash would bring devastation to the unprepared.
List $27.95 Sale $11.99

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Michael Gianturco's technology stock picks in Forbes have averaged a gain of 27.6 percent per year for the last four years (1992-1995). His investment management firm, The Princeton Portfolios, has twice been cited by the Wall Street Journal and Barron's for the highest gains achieved by any monitored portfolio.
List $14.95 Sale $9.99

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Packed with practical help, and featuring dozens of useful charts, tables, graphs, and real-world examples, Profiting from Emerging Market Stocks provides: an overview of the world market and the flow of wealth around the globe; the tools and techniques you need to get in on the action; capsule summaries of the most promising markets for investment  - the blue chips of emerging market stocks, ADRs - how they work and their benefits to investors, mutual funds, bonds,
List$30.00 Sale $14.99


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