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Forex Day trading with NetPicks

   For over eight years, NetPicks has been providing trading strategies to active stock and futures traders. Now we are introducing our trading signals to the foreign currency markets. Forex trading is growing exponentially. It's a true 24-hour global market that experiences volumes each day greater than anything seen in the stock markets.

You can trade these markets electronically, without paying a commission (your cost is the spread between the bid/ask), and with tremendous leverage opportunities. New traders can even start with mini-sized contracts until they build up their equity and experience.

NetPicks has been providing specific trades for the stock index futures markets for several years. We have now adapted our proven trading methodology to the forex markets in the form of a complete and mechanical Forex day trading system.
These are the largest and most actively-traded currency markets. Each day, subscribers to our forex trading system are issued "Key Numbers" for each of these markets. These Key Numbers tell you exactly where to calculate your buy or short trade to start each session, along with exactly where to take profits as well as reverse and trade in the opposite direction. On average we see two trades per day per market.
If you're an active investor, someone looking to trade every market day, then you'll want the NetPicks DayTrader - e-mini futures trading system utilizing the popular S&P E-Mini, Nasdaq E-Mini and DOW E-Mini futures contracts along with popular European electronic markets and treasuries. Trading multiple times per day with the majority of the trades in the first two hours and last two hours of each investing day.

"NP IS THE BEST! Great results! You guys are changing my life for the better, and I just want you to know how much I appreciate it. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK." - Dennis

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