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 Fractals Edge Stock Trading System

I can't remember when I used anything that gave me a signal as reliable as TFE. I originally bought the spreadsheet version, but later bought the Metastock version. I use it with MACD and Stochasticto verify my signal, but find it very reliable without the other indicators. I use it for trading Futures as well as Stocks.

Thanks for a great product.

Bob Clark
The Fractal's Edge (TFE) has become the anchor of my trading system. It's principles are simple and easy to understand. It promotes trade selectivity, let's your profits run, and cuts losses short. It does everything you need to maximize your trading profitability potential. They even provide a free online forum and workshop, where traders who regularly use TFE compare notes, answer questions, and facilitate successful use of the system. Easy to use, affordable, and it works! What else is there?"

Steve Mitchell

If you're looking for proven a profit producing software trading system that automatically:
6 Month Omniscience Results Speak for Themselves: $15,098 profit on a $10,000 account. $29,864 profit on a $25,000 account. $50,355 profit on a $40,000 account.

  • Captures profit when the market is going up or down
  • Delivers exact buy and sell entry and exit points
  • Provides weekly stock and futures watchlists delivered directly through the software so you don't have to spend hours narrowing down the thousands of potentially profitabale candidates
  • Educates you in a cutting-edge, proprietary trading system so that your trading decisions are based on a solid understanding of current market conditions
  • Downloads U.S. and Canadian end of day stock and futures data from Primate, a premier market data provider, with the click of the mouse
  • Organizes your own watchlists and stock portfolios
  • Upgrades as soon as new enhancements to the program become available

  • Omniscience is a highly-advanced trading system based on the latest findings in Quantum Mechanics, Chaos Theory, and Fractal Geometry.
  • But don't worry. You don't need to be a nuclear physicist to take advantage of the results of this system. We've invested the time, money and energy to ensure that using our signals are as simple and user-friendly as can be.
  • The exceptionally accurate and easy to follow signals that Omniscience generates takes the time, guess-work and mental/emotional anguish out of trading.

Internally, the system is constantly working with four main calculations:

1) optimum conditions for generating buy and sell signals,
2) the main stop loss,
3) a profit target, and
4) a loss target.
How Is Omniscience Different?

What makes Omniscience different from other systems is the focus and direction of the research that has gone into its development. Our findings have told us that the market is a complex, turbulent, non-linear system. So while other trading system developers tend to produce one-size-fits-all products using traditional linear mathematics to account for and predict market behavior, we at Quantum Futures have focused on an approach based on Quantum Mechanics, Chaos Theory, and Fractal Geometry.


Also check out the Stockstoshop CD


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