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  Click Here --> FX Universal

   DashBoard FX is an institutional quality proprietary trade signaling software package. It is designed to deliver real-time trade alerts as they are identified by our knowledgeable and professional traders. DashBoard FX identifies key entry/exit points for major currency pairs in real-time and allows you to stay on top of the market and trade 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. The software utilizes an easy-to-read dashboard style interface, which gives traders an accurate picture of the market at any given time. It is an ideal solution for those that do not have the time or experience to effectively analyze the market actively.

  DashBoard FX receives and interprets live data feed generated by our traders into easy to understand visual elements. FX Universal uses a proprietary model, which incorporates a multitude of technical and fundamental indicators to project Volatility, Overbought/Oversold conditions, Trend Direction/Strength for the major currency pairs (EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CHF). Additionally, FX Universal continually employs strategic risk and money management techniques One of the most important yet neglected factors in trading.

  Whether you are a trader that is in and out of trades actively throughout the day or one that has a longer-term focus and may hold a position for weeks at a time, DashBoard FX delivers a signaling solution to match your needs. The developers of DashBoard FX realize that not all traders are alike and that each trader has their own comfort level in terms of how far they are willing to place their profit-taking and stop-loss levels, how actively they trade the market, as well as how much they can potentially position risk/reward in one trade without overleveraging their trading account. DashBoard FX utilizes one strategy with two different variations, which accommodate the diverse trading personalities. The variations take into account profit-taking and stop-loss level depths, magnitude of leverage with respect to account size, and how actively signals are sent.

  Traders who consider themselves extremely active in the markets would likely subscribe to the DayTrader feed. Traders that hold positions overnight, perhaps even for several days may consider the SwingTrader feed. Both subscription packages offer signals based on the knowledge of experienced traders and institutional quality research, while at the same time catering to the differing trader personalities.

DashBoard FX
FREE Alerts Software
Easy-to-Read Graphical Interface
Real-Time Buy/Sell Alerts
FREE SMS and Email Alerts Included
Entry and Exit Points
Detailed Explanation for Certain Trade Signals
No Setup Fees
All-Inclusive Package
Quick and Easy Sign-up Process



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