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Gann Lines

W. D. Gann (1878-1955) designed several unique techniques for studying price charts. Central to Gann's techniques was geometric angles in conjunction with time and price. Gann believed that specific geometric patterns and angles had unique characteristics that could be used to predict price action.

All of Gann's techniques require that equal time and price intervals be used on the charts, so that a rise/run of 1 x 1 will always equal a 45 degree angle.

Gann believed that the ideal balance between time and price exists when prices rise or fall at a 45 degree angle relative to the time axis. This is also called a 1 x 1 angle (i.e., prices rise one price unit for each time unit).

Gann Angles are drawn between a significant bottom and top (or vice versa) at various angles. Deemed the most important by Gann, the 1 x 1 trend line signifies a bull market if prices are above the trend line or a bear market if below. Gann felt that a 1 x 1 trend line provides major support during an up-trend and when the trend line is broken, it signifies a major reversal in the trend. Gann identified nine significant angles, with the 1 x 1 being the most important:

1 x 8  -  82.5 degrees
1 x 4  -  75 degrees
1 x 3  -  71.25 degrees
1 x 2  -  63.75 degrees
1 x 1  -  45 degrees
2 x 1  -  26.25 degrees
3 x 1  -  18.75 degrees
4 x 1  -  15 degrees
8 x 1  -  7.5 degrees


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