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With an average yearly stock appreciation of 50%,
and a strong 14 year track record

What is most impressive is the fact that this track record was achieved by focusing on position sizing, with two goals in mind, avoiding significant drawdowns and sleeping well at night. 

That is how everyone should invest. After all... Investing is about making your money work FOR YOU!

Beating the market every year is not an accident; it's a strategy.

"As a subscriber I manage approximately $255,000 which includes $165,000 in GetFolio. Yes, I am impressed with GetFolio. It provides a disciplined approach to investing. Which I find to be extremely useful. The tools of indexing into a position, using low initial investment size and diversification have made me a smarter and more effective investor. Getfolio makes money management easier and less time consuming by providing buy candidates and sell signals for current holdings. The portfolio summary and detail views are invaluable. GetFolio offers the opportunity to benefit and learn from an experienced pro. I commend you for your time and energy which has been well spent. "

I have spent the last 10 years doing intensive research into the market in general and more specifically technical analysis. Of all of the books, magazines, newsletters, web sites I have read, your system is the only one that to me appeared rational and non-emotional (as a scientist I find this very appealing). "


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