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  Over the past year alone, we have posted over 1630 charts and over 7200 stock updates with each Market Mavenís analysis. This is an unbelievable amount of financial information right at your fingertips. We suggest becoming a member immediately. The combined value of all services are well over $5,000 per year, but by joining, you have access to these experts


we offer a New Section called the Market Mavens Digest which features and quotes top performing investment newsletters. This new section is a snap shot of what each investment newsletter is recommending and why. We comb through over 300 investment newsletters for you to find the best investment ideas for you.  Updated every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
you may access over 140 detailed investment reports by over 65 of Wall Streetís top investment advisors. Our service covers 42 investment sectors

Weíve been managing money for clients since 1983, and the best way we have ever found to build a buy-and-hold portfolio is using no-load asset-class index funds managed by Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). These funds were created to help investors pinpoint the most productive types of assets, as identified in academic research.

This research shows that certain kinds of assets are likely to provide premium rewards for investors who take prudent risks. In a nutshell, the researchers found that over long periods of time, the best returns are likely to come from having just the right balance of large-cap and small-cap stocks, value stocks and growth stocks, U.S. stocks and international stocks.



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