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Swing Trading Made Easy

Where should I start?
Well...for beginners I graduated from university with a B. A. in computer science,specializing in artificial intelligence. I started my career as an information technology researcher in the field of robotics and expert systems. I then changed direction somewhat and entered the field of computer driven multimedia. All of this was a great foundation for when I began trading.

How did I get started in trading?
Well...it all began some time ago when on a trip I met a very engaging man who turned out to be a wealthy trader...we got into chatting about our careers and I was instantly attracted to this idea of taking money out of the market.

As he was talking to me and explaining how he went about doing this I realized trading was right down my alley,it was challenging and with my background in computers I thought I could be pretty good at it.

To make a long story short...
I then began my long arduous journey of plowing through multiple trading books and trying out different systems with varied levels of success. After all of this I realized I was being bogged down by all the different systems and methods,many that were often contradicting each other. "Aarg!!!"It was driving me nuts!

This is where I finally realized I had to have a simple plan that would work. One based on logic,discipline and money management. It's my firm belief that the best things are the most simple,because it frees you from baggage. This allows you to act very quickly without doubt when opportunities peak their head. Kind of like the Nike adage...

"Just Do It. "
Congratulation on being in business so long whilst so many of those around you have crumbled. David Caple, UK

Thanks a lot for the emails and for a wonderful web SITE for the investors/traders. Ishaak Mallick, USA

Love the swing tracker program & software for daily realtime. I do not want that cancelled. Larry Skrine, USA
Thank you for your input!! It's is always helpful to communicate with more experienced traders like yourself. Tony, USA

I am impressed with your site and your subject matter. I have been taking recommendations from your swing lists, following your master plan and doing pretty well. Stephanie Kemper, USA

Keep up the good work and lots of luck. I true Mrswing.com tradition, "May the road rise to your step!" Vignesh Eswar, Subhkam
Your Newsletter is great. I thank you for your wonderful work, and wish you all the best in the future. God bless you... Gnanam Nesan

I love SwingTracker... nice program... Bob Russel, USA

Some of the SwingLab scans (e.g candles) are excellent, as are many of the analysis features. All things considered, I think SwingTracker is a great tool which I would not want to be without... Jim Spears, USA



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