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Learn Option Trading ---->Option Trading

If you are looking for a PRINCIPLED, STRATEGIC, and POWERFUL stock option service then I have the right solution for you. My methodology is over 100 years old, yet still gives the most effective signals. Insiders used to teach it to each other, generation after generation, for decades. Top institutional management firms subscribe to research based on this methodology. It was once only meant for the "insiders" to know. And now, I use it to recommend options with explosive gains.

The main key is finding sectors that are coming into favor, and the stocks within that sector that can move the most, with the least risk.

In the stock market, like life, timing is everything. You shouldn't care too much what the market will do. You should care what you will do when the market does it.

In stock options, the timing is critical. Some trends last a few days, weeks, months or years. In the past few years, stock trends have lasted a few months - tops.

I'm not a bull or a bear. I don't try to guess what will happen way out in the future. I see what is developing, and evaluate the risk to the upside or downside. I then evaluate each sector of the market and recommend options that I believe have the properties to move - big. I believe this process maximizes returns and manages risk. - Neil Batho

I am an ex-broker from a major US firm. I've also worked as a Business Strategist. 

My option selection process is the reason why you are willing to put your hard earned money on the line as a member of Option-Wave. My option analysis is very similar to my stock analysis - but the timing is much more critical.

A 20% - 30% move in the stock can translate to a 100%+ move in the option. Conversely, a put option will be recommended on a stock that's ready to fall. I tell you exactly which option to buy, when to get in, and when to get out. All by e-mail alert. There will be 4 - 6 option selections per month at Option-Wave. Over time, this can supercharge your overall returns immensely.

You Could have Had These Recent Gains!

84% on OCR Calls closed on January 03, 2005!
54% on MRK (Yes - Merck!) calls closed on January 03, 2005!
39% on OIH calls closed on January 03, 2005!
77% on FDRY calls closed on November 16, 2004!
30% on IGT calls closed on October 1, 2004!


Click Here to Find Out How ---->Option Trading


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