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 Stockstoshop highly recommends:

Sierra Charting and Analysis Software for the Financial Markets

Description and Features

Sierra Chart is a quality real time or delayed charting, technical analysis and quote software program for the financial markets. It has many indicators and tools. It allows you to create your own custom indicators. Sierra Chart is an excellent value. It supports data from Interactive Brokers, MyTrack and other outside services.

  • You can create and customize intraday and historical price charts for stocks, commodities, indexes, mutual funds, currencies or any market.
  • Continuously updated charts as trades occur. Price graphs and studies can be updated in any time frame as short as one second. Charts scroll automatically as new bars are added.
  • Create historical charts with a bar period of daily, weekly, monthly, or any number of days. Historical data for the charts is automatically downloaded with the integrated downloader. Data when downloaded is saved locally on your hard disk.
  • Create intraday charts with a bar period down to 1 minute. Charts are updated tick by tick. The data is retrieved from the remote server and stored locally on your computer. It can be kept or erased. You can graph as many days as you need without any gaps.
  • 70+ fully customizable technical studies and indicators. For the current list of available studies and indicators: download and install the software, run the software, select File -> Open Chart on the menu to open a chart, then press the F6 key for a list.
  • Each study has inputs to modify the variables of the study.
  • You can specify alert conditions on studies for continuous monitoring and scanning.
  • You create your own custom studies and analysis methods using the built-in spreadsheets or use your own custom study functions in a DLL file.
  • Overlay one or more price graphs from other charts on a chart.
  • Display graphs in the chart for volume and open interest.
  • Adding the open interest study to an intraday chart shows the number of trades per bar in the chart.
  • Spread and comparison charting.
  • Add any number of studies to a chart. Set the region to display a study in.
  • Save a configured collection of studies and apply them to a chart with one step.
  • Ability to correct errors in charts yourself without having to request a correction from the data service
  • Offline analysis. Charts and quotes can be displayed at anytime whether you are connected to a data source or not.
  • Automatically reconnects to the data feed if you become disconnected.
  • Has Visual Components Formula One Excel compatible spreadsheet component for containing quotes or for general spreadsheet use. Over 150+ Excel functions built in. Enter formulas, read and write Excel files, format cells, create portfolios, and more.
  • Enter symbols on spreadsheets and get detailed quotes. All quotes are continuously updated. Quote fields include fundamental data. Can enter a futures root symbol and will get a list of all the futures for the root symbol (dynamic future display).
  • Fully adjustable regions within each chart window.
  • Draw trend lines. Trend lines are saved with the chart. Has tool for drawing automatically extending trend lines.
  • Chart grid that can be hidden.
  • Chart Printing.
  • Linear or logarithmic scale. Set upper and lower scale values.
  • Show graph values for any point in the chart. Calculate difference and percentage between points.
  • Display prices in any format.
  • Many chart styles.
  • CandleStick charts.
  • Candlestick formation detection.
  • Point and Figure charts.
  • Chart templates.
  • Customize colors for the chart graphics.
  • Load and work with an unlimited number of chart windows and chart books. The chart books can be saved to disk and loaded with all of your previous settings.
  • Complete data management functions including adjusting for stock splits and mutual fund distributions.
  • Intraday bar editor tool for easy correcting of errors in chart data.
  • Reads and charts and can automatically update ASCII daily historical data directly. This Data is for charts with a bar period from 1 day and greater.
  • Year 2000 compliant.
  • Fast 32 bit program.
  • Sierra Chart is a stand-alone program for 32-bit Windows operating systems.
  • Complete on-line and up to date documentation.
  • High quality software program. The lowest price in its class.
  • Can adjust the time scale on intraday charts to your local time. This is useful if you live in Europe.
Click here for more info:-----> Sierra Charts

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