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Dear Home-Based Entrepreneur,

I believe life is more important than money, but money is also important for supporting life.  Itís a fantastic idea to have money and people work for you, and you can be free to other things you enjoy doing.  Investing in stock is investing in business that work for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Too often I have heard people saying ďI donít buy stocks because I donít want to lose money.Ē  Well, what makes them think I like losing money?  They donít make money from stock because they chose not to lose money. 

I've just come across another mutual fund seller that tells me that the very best way for me to make money on the stock market is to buying his mutual fund.
I also come across books written by market analysts about the prediction how the stock market will perform for the next few years.
I don't like them.

And what's wrong with that, you may ask?

Because I've proved them wrong.  My return from stock market has been 30% yearly, much more than I can get from mutual fund.
Have you ever how did I do it?

How many times have you invest in equity yourself after reading a book or via mutual fund and DID NOT GET the return you're aiming for?

Or because you didn't like one method of investing for some reasons?

And you've discovered that's the case AFTER you've spent months and lots of money and effort trying to make it work?

Now don't get me wrong. Some of those books, seminars or mutual funds are very, very good.

But if that method cannot be used by you for whatever reason - then they're useless, no matter how good they may be!
Worse, unlike buying goods in store, investment in equity doesn't provide you with money-back guarantees.
The actual loss you would have suffered in terms of time and money wasted in the discovery process is FAR, FAR GREATER than even that 20 to a few hundred bucks you've spent on that book or course.

It's a crying shame, if only you realize what's happening.  And it's happening every where in the world like crazy on a daily basis.

What if you have a book outlining the methods that you can use to reap the most from the equity, as much as 30% per year?

You can read and understand the REAL methods you WANT to try, and CAN get involved in.

"What an excellent book! You have created a truly unique of how-to information on the subject of making money on the stock market that I have never seen before anywhere else!  KM is a fantastic Stock Picking Strategist!"
- Dr. LSY, Malaysia
"Why didn't you release it earlier, KM? It's the most valuable e-book on making money on the stock market I've ever read!"
- Kelvin Fonstein, US

"If there's one book on making money on the stock you must get this year, this is the one. It's absolutely superb!"
- Moffat, England


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