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 Fiasco Trade of the Day

If you are having trouble making sensible decisions about your stock market holdings, you are not alone. Traders and investors alike have recently witnessed the most dramatic moves ever seen in the history of the markets. The old strategy of buy-and-hold-forever has collapsed, as trading accounts have been devastated by the vicious sell-offs and sudden bear market drops, and years of gains have disappeared in a matter of hours.
While the markets make their wild moves, some stocks are quietly climbing to new highs. My job, at Fiasco Trade of the Day, is to identify these stocks and alert you of the ones that are performing fantastically despite the choppy markets that are pulverizing trading accounts everywhere.

The Fiasco Trade of the Day Newsletter includes the following:

  • A daily pick of a stock which I believe will trade higher within the next few days, based on my interpretation of the proprietary technical signals which I use to analyze stock price movements.
  • A summary of recent picks which have hit their targets.
  • Links with summaries to the latest research, both free and fee-based, available on a wide variety of stocks that are receiving the attention of the major players on Wall Street. This offers a wealth of information and more trading ideas for your decision-making process.
  • Summaries of, excerpts from, and links to the best trading books, manuals, courses and resources about trading and investing today.
  • Offers of special interest to traders and investors.
  • Free Bonus: Daily Stock Pick from Harry Aloof of Wall Street Traders Column.

This is what our subscribers say about Fiasco Trade of the Day. Some of these comments were solicited, but no compensation or incentives of any kind were provided in exchange for testimonials.

"At first I was suspicious of your site, but after trying the free trial I went ahead and subscribed. You may very well be the best stock-picking site out there." - A. Murdoch, Philadelphia

"Bravo! Straightforward, no confusing rules or complicated formulas. No regrets." - M. Newman, Toronto

"I tried six different stock advisory newsletters before your site came up in first place in a search for 'stock guru.' I think Fiasco is amazing." - J. Ungar, Toronto

"You guys are great. I don't know exactly what Fiasco is doing to be right 3 out of 4 times, but thanks to your work and the filters that I add, I have managed to make progress for the first time in two years and I am actually making a profit trading." - S. Zelnicker, Tampa

"Thanks! You have my vote as the no B.S. site of the year!" - F. Newman, Madison

  Fiasco Trade of the Day



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