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 make bigger profits with your CURRENT strategies!
TraderBrain, a searchable journal for serious traders.
Link notes & images to your trades and strategies!

Start EASY with basic notes linked to your symbols (where trades are not recorded) or dive right in and use ADVANCED features like event templates, snapshot forms, and strategy play tracking. You can even create trading rules, apply them to trades, and track your trading discipline!

TraderBrain is a flexible and feature-rich online service you can grow into. ALL advanced functions are OPTIONAL. If you want, simply write notes associated with your favorite market symbols. That ALONE can transform your trading. When reviewing your notes, you will be AMAZED at some of the insightful & idiotic thoughts you have had!

COMPATIBLE with existing software and 100% online

Best of all, Traderbrain is 100% online useable from work, home, or EVEN vacation! Because traderbrain does NOT duplicate your existing software and broker services (that provide charts, quotes, and news feeds), Traderbrain can work with your current system by providing an advanced note-taking capability for it.. WHATEVER IT IS! With Traderbrain.. it's all about YOU. Traderbrain focuses on YOUR market knowledge and experiences, so you can benefit easily from past trades to increase your profits.

  • Eliminate frustration by reducing costly trading mistakes
  • Hone your trading strategies in different market conditions
  • Perform TRADE REVIEW like winners do to Maximize Profits!
  • Enhance money-making ability of your current trading system!
Search Journal Entries by:
  1. Symbol
  2. Bullishness
  3. Journal Entry Type (note, event, snapshot, trade)
  4. Subject Category (TA, FA, Econ, World, Pers. etc)
  5. Symbol Price Range (when note was recorded)
  6. Date
  7. Strategy Version
  8. Winning and Losing Trades/'Plays'
  9. Profit or Loss Amount
  10. Linked to a trade or not
  11. OPTIONS: individually or by base SYMBOL
  12. FUTURES: individually or by base PRODUCT
"Keeping good records is the single most important contribution to your success. If you maintain scrupulous records, review them, and learn from them, your performance will improve."

The feature the FOUNDER demanded!

TraderBrain founder INSISTED that for an online Trading Journal to be of value it must not only be FAST, but enable members to view their trading journal notes ALONGSIDE THE SUCCESS LEVEL that the trade ultimately had.. so we built it! As a TraderBrain member you can use the one-click STRATEGY REVIEW function to view all trade notes of a strategy with TRADE SUCCESS LEVEL immediately juxtaposed (uh..right next to the note). What more could you ask for from an online trading journal!

Click here for 100% online Trading Journal COMPATIBLE with your trading software!

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