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If you are looking for a principled, simple, and powerful service to make you money in the stock market, then I may have the right solution for you. The point and figure methodology invented by Charles Dow is over 100 years old, yet still gives the most effective signals. Insiders used to teach it to each other, generation after generation, for decades. Top institutional management firms subscribe to research based on this methodology. It was once only meant for the "insiders" to know. And now, I use it for some explosive gains.

Most financial sites will try to sell you a system so you can make your own stock picks. Instead, I do hours of research per day to come up with my very best recommendations that I e-mail to you. I tell you the range to buy at, where I think the stock will go, and I e-mail you when it is time to get out. Everything is taken care of.

Have you ever bought a stock at the top and sold at the bottom, and then wondered what just happened? If so, this site is for you.

I'm not a bull or a bear. I don't try to guess what will happen way out in the future. I see what is developing, and evaluate the risk to the upside or downside. I then evaluate each sector of the market and recommend holdings that I believe have the properties to move - big. I believe this process maximizes returns and manages risk. - Neil Batho
I'll show you all the trades I make in my model portfolio so that you can just copy them in your portfolio to achieve the same results. It takes less than 15 minutes a day, so it won't disrupt your job or your family life. You also won't have to "watch the market". My picks are meant to move in a period of weeks. It's not "day-trading". It's your hard earned money. I hold approximately 10 stocks at a time with a few trades each week, depending on the targets and movements.

We've had gains like 166% on Vaxgen, 129% on AMD, 154% on Regeneron, 72% on Protein Design Labs, 54% on, 27% on State Street, 34% on Anglogold, and 25% on Goldcorp... all in 2003. In 2004 we've had gains of 50% on Nortel, 38% on Lucent, 72% on Drugmax, 33% on Weider Nutrition, and 32% on Allied Healthcare... to name a few. I cut losses quickly and let winners run with a disciplined exit strategy to protect profits. That's how a winning portfolio is built.

I believe technical analysis, in the form of point and figure charting,  to be the best leading indicator. Unfortunately fundamentals can be a lagging indicator. Using technical analysis gives then "when" signals to buy. It doesn't matter if you have the most fundamentally sound stock and buy it at the wrong time. You can still lose your shirt.
A chart doesn't lie. It tells you the way it is - always. A company that misrepresents earnings can fool a fundamental analyst. That's why technical analysis is more important than ever. And it's the only way to really see where the "smart" money is going. That's why I use a form of technical analysis called "point and figure charting". It is over 100 years old, yet few people know about it. The first person to use it was Charles Dow in the late 1800s. It's not a "black box" system that spits out results. It takes hours of work per day, and a lot of craftsmanship.

If you are interested in learning more about my stock selection process, please click the banner below and start making real MONEY.




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