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**** = person name

  Having paid the 50.00 to join Sykes's chat room hoping to make some good trades on penny stocks since his home page touts that he is a great trader on penny stocks, this is what I found. Timothy Sykes gets you to pay the 50.00 a month then he rants to get you to pay 1500.00 a month to answer your questions. Sykes post allot of stuff about himself. He has a huge EGO, and no penny stock picks like his home page says. He has 200 plus people in the chat everyday at 50 bucks each.

 New people come in everyday asking for help and he says you need to pay the 1500.00 a month for me to help you. It is very doubtful he makes millions from trading penny stocks but from all the money he collects from his chat rooms and video stuff.
 If you want to see any of the watch lists you have to upgrade your account from the basic account that gets you into the chat room. It is interesting that when he F's somebody out they say "sorry" ,now that is interesting. Sykes does short penny stocks but most traders cannot short them. He uses a broker out side the U.S. that allows shorting pennies.
 timothysykes [trade] Shorted 3000 shares DIMI at 0.121 - Capstone and IB have shares to short, small position, but should fade/crash over the next few days, I'll try to add to my short on any big spikes.
Brokers: Suretrader and Capstone that Sykes uses. They are very gray area brokers,located in the Bahamas like Suretrader.
TimAlertsdaytonabeginner> Duke***seems many complaints are posted on here about suretrader :/ scared to open with them... probably won't..
TimAlertsRaithius:SureTrader customer support not available for comment
TimAlertsPenny***outs:that's some manipulative shit at Suretrader
TimAlertsMikeNYC:MTSL still fading. Thanks, a lot SureTrader. I hope I can get a real broker some dayy.
TimAlertstimothysykes: ***, do you realize why youre about to be banned?
TimAlertstimothysykes: ALL brokers have issues
TimAlerts **** :Sorry.
TimAlertstimothysykes:u wanna fight with IB, i've been going backa nd forth witht hem for 2 weeks
TimAlertstimothysykes: so adjust your attitude
TimAlertstimothysykes: this 24 hour ban might help u

 Remember he paid 50.00 to be in the chat. Complaining about Suretrader is forbidden

 ****systems: ST trade desk fee just keeps climbing. first it was 30, then 50 now its 100 lol
bossss:$100 wtf?
 ****systems: Tim is bringing them too much business for them

 As of 8 /20/ 2012 there were 235 + in the chat a increase from the previous week so it looks like many people signed up over the weekend at 50.00 a pop. So far for several days all you do is watch Sykes try and go short. There have been 0 long trades on any penny stocks like his home page indicates. i.e.
timothysykes[trade] Added 10000 to PZZI short at 3.5. New average 3.6149, 33000 short total.  sooooo many complaints about little stuff, all I want is the borrows and they have 'em when nobody else does...I'm up $9,000 today because of these borrows = shorting a stock.

 Sykes does make trades but most of the time it is for stocks that are over 20.00. He will post an alert on the stock he has bought. The one thing he does is post it much later then when he actually bought it. An example is : Bought XYZ at 30.00 1700 shares but if you look at your trading platform the stock might be as much as ten cents higher, so it is obvious he wants you to buy at the higher price so he can sell into you.

 You also have to upgrade your account to see his video lessons, he cusses out anybody asking questions and tells them to watch the videos.
TimAlertstimothysykes: fib*** upgrade to silver and shut the fuck up,
TimAlertstimothysykes: if u cant afford $100/month for good information u should not be trading. It is very obvious that Sykes gets you in the 50.00 room and then tells you to upgrade for the stock trades and buy his video lessons or shut the F up.

   Here are some of his rants:

timothysykes: i know its a of mateiral i fucken created them all
timothysykes: its absurd is what it is
TimAlertstimothysykes: i'm gonna have a program so u cant contact me and cant speak in chat until u watch all the video lessons
TimAlertstimothysykes: we can track that
TimAlertstimothysykes: its coming
TimAlertstimothysykes: be prepared
TimAlertstimothysykes: gonna gag u lazy morons who don't want to put in any effort
nah i'm not angry some of u are just so dumb
timothysykes: u guys are so lazy it makes me sick.
TimAlertstimothysykes: and my students being lazy sons of bitches
timothysykes: include all of friday cuz lazy motherfuckers don't do anything
TimAlertstimothysykes: ***1, u dont buy NTE after its spiked 33% on no nes, u buy when i do the initial alert, please watch 690+ video lessons before speaking again in here

 This how Sykes responded to a 100.00 a month member, t1**,all I can say is wow.
TimAlertstimothysykes: t1**, if u had studied the video lessons and dvds and read the post u'd know what i'm aiming for
 TimAlertstimothysykes: but u dont study
 TimAlertstimothysykes: and i'm not gonna reward the baby
TimAlertstimothysykes: t1**, i trade for myself, not u
TimAlertstimothysykes:jokajon, scottrade suckssssss
 TimAlertstimothysykes: if u come to vegas, i'm gonna slap the shit out of u to make sure u understand that

  The moderators will constantly tell you not to ask questions, especially about the brokers and such not in the U.S. They will gag you for any questions about Sykes's trades that don't seem right.

 DIMI keeps going, now at 15 cents/share, shame on those who begged me to help out their shorts at 10-12 cents/share, you deserve your losses
timothysykes:you're not gonna fuck up the hard profit we're worked to get u,
timothysykes[trade] Added 2000 to DIMI short at 0.123. New average 0.1218, 5000 short total,YOU ALL HAD A CHANCE TO SHORT THIS BOUNCE, MOST OF MY BROKERS HAVE HAD SHARES TO SHORT
timothysykes[trade] Covered 33000 shares PZZI at 3.45 - Covered all for disappointing but predictable I said in last night's video lesson, the easy $ from from 4ish to 3.50ish...whoever is manipulating this still looks to be buying, might still squeeze today, potential reshort but I'm locking in safe profits to help my confidence as I get ready to go to airport to a friggin wedding that's gonna suck up my time the next few days
TimAlertstimothysykes: ****, i focus on whatever stock is being pumped the most and is shortable

 Posted a New Email: Picture Of Me On Bravo Last Night. Sykes is constantly sending emails of pictures of himself huge EGO. timothysykes[commentary] Gotta love being able to work from here:

 This is a trade alert: If you're gonna object at a wedding, should you wear something special since you know everyone will be looking at you? Decisions, decisions

  Finally please don't waist 50.00 to watch Sykes trade, he will then try and get you to upgrade so he makes more money. It would be well worth the money if he posted penny trades in the chat room but he does not. Remember most new traders cannot short stocks under 5.00 and especially penny stocks.  If you have had any experience good or bad with his trading in the 50.00 chat room email us and we will post it here on this page.

 If all you want to do is watch Sykes short the same 10.00 stock over and over then pay the 50.00 a month. If you ask questions he will tell you to watch the videos. In the entire month Sykes did not post 1 penny stock alert, not 1.

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