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Elliott Wave Principles

Remember when the Dow was at 790? If so, you’re remembering a date over 20 years ago. As the Dow was scraping bottom in late 1978, Robert Prechter and A. J. Frost resurrected an investment method that was spiraling into obscurity.

When Prechter and Frost released Elliott Wave Principle, reviewers immediately hailed it "the definitive textbook on the Wave Principle." But the book was more than that. In one of the most incredibly accurate predictions in financial history, it also forecasted the lift-off of the greatest bull market in the twentieth century.

1.) The basic tenets of wave theory: Simple explanations of the terms, and how to identify all 13 waves that can occur in market price movements.

2.) The rules and guidelines of wave analysis: Basics of counting waves, how to recognize the "right look" of a wave, plus lots of simple steps for applying the rules.

3.) The scientific background of the Wave Principle: How you can see it in nature and the universe, in art and mathematics, even in the shape of the human body.

4.) Long term waves: How the Wave Principle unlocks human history, from the fall of the Roman Empire through the Middle Ages into the financial upheavals of the 20th Century.

Bob Prechter recently made some important changes to Elliott Wave International's opportunity-identifying Flash services and wants to give you the opportunity to "meet" Wayne Stough, Director of Analysts and the strategist who now oversees Big 5 Markets and Big 5 Trader's Flash.  Click here to learn more about the Flash services, and to read an interview with Wayne Stough.


Elliott Wave International recently assembled a collection of books that puts an entire Elliott education at your fingertips. They call it The Works. It includes every book Bob Prechter has ever published on the Wave Principle - from R.N. Elliott's first writings to Bob's latest research and its applications in society.


Do you want to know more about the intricacies of Fibonacci at work in the markets? Pick up Beautiful Pictures from the Gallery of Phinance. Need to know what to do with your real estate during a depression? See the New York Times best-selling book, Conquer the Crash. A friend wants to know more about the Wave Principle? Give them your just-released, updated copy of Prechter's Perspective. No one explains what's going on in today's environment better than Bob Prechter. And this recently assembled collection of books holds all the answers for your inquisitive relatives -- or yourself.



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