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Fred Hager Investment Newsletter

In 1989 I stated that we were in the beginning of what would be a very prosperous time for technology investors with the right companies in their portfolios.  I believed the rate in which computers were increasing in speed, functionality, and penetration, would make for incredible opportunities for investors who knew what was really happening.  

In 1991, I believed Microsoft's Excel and Word products would become the de facto standard and Bill Gates would ultimately be the richest man in the world.  And in 1994 I announced to subscribers that if there was one company I would own, it would be Intel because of their impending dominance in the processor space. 

Today I see many more similar opportunities, despite the tech crash.  It's not a Wintel world anymore, just like it wasn't IBM's anymore back then.  Once investors embrace that fact, instead of running from it, we'll be one step closer to the next true bull market.
Our mission at Hager Technology Research, publishers of Fred Hager. is to provide you, the individual investor, with portfolio selections and in-depth independent research that will enhance your investment objectives. We do this by showcasing model and real portfolios for long-term investing in the technology sector, as well as constantly updating our subscribers with analysis of our companies.

Every other Friday, subscribers receive our “Hager Update”, and we issue additional reports when necessary.   When positions are moved in or out of our portfolios, we communicate such trades to subscribers through our “Portfolio Updates.”

There's a lot of information out there, and to really know what’s happening with your investments requires an amount of research time most people don't have. Our job is to disseminate the accurate info, dispel the rumors, and apply a proven strategy that has produced a 31.5% annual return since 1986.The Hager Technology Research team is comprised of a group of technology investing experts with years of experience in identifying and staying intimate with the companies that provide the most opportunity for investors while shaping the digital future.

Click Here--->Fred Hager Newsletter

I have recommended your service to everybody who will listen. As of today I have paper gains of over $550,000 in less than two months! Let me know if you need a testimonial. I'll have it gold plated and delivered to your office! Thanks again.

M.P. in CA

Thanks for all your insight. In the 10 business days since subscribing my portfolio is up 36.5% I wish I would have known about you sooner! Keep up the incredible work!!!


First, I want to THANK YOU for all your words of wisdom. You can count on me as being a lifetime subscriber! I love all your ideas and especially love the huge gains experienced in the portfolio. p.s. you guys are great at answering e mails. I thank you for that! Your service is absolutely THE BEST!

J.M. in MN

Good Morning, Fred Hager and staff,
Enjoyed reading your weekly newsletter and going thru the archives and portfolios. I went into my own portfolios and thanks to Fred Hager my realized gains are over $70,000.00 Thank you for everything and your EXCELLENT suggestions. Will continue to follow you closely and your suggestions. And congratulations on the dollar gains in your Actual Account Portfolio!

B.M. in CA

 Click Here--->Fred Hager Newsletter

  • The best Financial Newsletter value.  For the price of one subscription
    you get two weekly newsletters for a whole year:

  • FredHager and CurrinResearch. which features nanotechnology and the market drivers of the new century.

  • An easy to follow portfolio for long term investors.

  • A proven track record of long term performance. Source: Independent Audit Results from Hulbert Financial Digest, List of Top Performers Over the Past 12 Months Ended June 30th, 2004.
    Not only did Fredhager out  perform the market and his peers over the last 12 months ended June 30th, but Hager also had the top performing newsletter portfolio in 2003, up 187%.

    This is not the first time Fredhager has set the bar for the performance numbers of the Hulbert Financial Digest.  In 2000, Fredhager was the #1 performing newsletter with an overall 182% gain.  We are pleased with the accomplishments, but better yet, recognize that our subscribers are very pleased as well.

    1 Fredhager +190%
    2 BI Research +67%
    3 Nate's Notes +67%
    4 Forbes Wireless +66%
    5 Prudent Speculator +64%

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