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    Our innovative Trend Timing Model detects major trend changes in the broad market and issues simple, definitive Buy and Sell signals, on average three to five times per year. No opinions or wild predictions. We favor diversified investment vehicles that mirror broad market indices such as the Nasdaq 100 ^ndx, Russell 2000 ^rut and S&P 500 ^gspc. We provide four investment strategies to match your personal style and risk tolerance. We make money in both up and down markets. Our simple Model and the highly regarded Trend Timing School editorials help you manage the emotional side of investing. Need we mention consistently superior, independently-verified, index-beating performance?

Disenchanted with Buy and Hold investing?
Still searing or disillusioned from past market losses?
Sitting on the side lines not daring to jump into the market?
Tired of chasing yesterday's best investment?
Skeptical of Wall Street guru or broker advice and opinions?
Investing for the long-term, not a day trader?
Seeking a proven and consistent "all-weather" investing Model?
Demanding independent performance verification and tracking?

   Index tracking investments mostly fall in two categories: Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and mutual funds.
Our investments of choice are ETFs, for their inherent diversification, liquidity, and low-cost. Similar to stocks, ETFs can be bought long, sold short, on margin, and can be traded at the market open the day following a signal change. Mutual funds, on the other hand, are usually traded at the market close. However, since mutual funds can be found to match, double, inverse, and double inverse performance objectives for most indices, they can be used to implement all four strategies and are viable alternatives for qualified retirement accounts.

    TimingCube's Model is run at the end of each trading day. If a new signal is issued, it will be posted on this Web site and accessible by subscribers at the Signal by Phone number by 7:00 pm ET that same day. Subscribers are also notified of the signal change by e-mail. In order to achieve the full benefit from the signal, you should act on it as soon as possible.

   If your selected investment vehicle is an ETF, your order should be placed before the market opens on the next trading day. Since ETFs trade like stock, they can be bought or sold at market open. All performance results posted on this site assume the trading occurs at market open, the day after a signal change. This is the only realistic way to measure performance, as you could not possibly have acted on the new signal any earlier.

 TimingCube: Up 800% Since 2000 - 4 Trades a Year. Achieve outstanding returns in both up/down markets with TimingCube Trend Timing investment strategy. 3 to 5 trades a year. Try it risk-free for 30 days.


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