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Pro Day Trading

We provide specific buy & sell prices and explosive daily breakouts. Learn our 3 simple day trading strategies and work with our trading team in our day trading chat room. You'll see the power of consistent, disciplined day trading.
Our Day Trading Strategy Team, led by Matt Carson brings years of trading experience to you every day in our trading chat room.
How do we differ from other day trading websites?
Our strategy identifies exact stock breakout points allowing traders to
maximize their profits in the shortest amount of time. This efficient trading method minimizes risk exposure and takes full advantage of the time value of capital.

Others attempt to predict market outcome. Be aware of such brokers
or services that labor to predict market direction. History proves
that for even brief intervals, the market is nearly impossible to
predict with any degree of accuracy.

In contrast, we React to the
market. We actively respond to concrete market changes and allow market movements to direct our decisions. This proven method produces consistent profits in Bull Markets as well as Bear Markets.

  Pro Day Trading provides traders with 3 systems
presented in a clear and simple format, enabling traders at all levels to consistently profit. You will be able to view these strategies in a real-time chat room moderated by two professional traders. Both moderators are members of the strategy team driving the highly successful

  Each of our systems is designed to obtain a minimum of 1% on every trade. While our strategies discuss additional exit techniques for maximizing gains on trades, we set a conservative 1% profit goal on every trade to show how consistent 1% gains can turn any trader into a Professional Day Trader. With the additional exit techniques we provide, we are confident that all traders can exceed our results.

   Empower yourself with our three day trading strategies in this revealing step by step video  Learn the 3 highly profitable day trading strategies that Carson implements in the chat room for our subscribers.  This video will teach you how to identify exact breakout points in stocks, for immediate and explosive moves for profitable trading

  • Identify explosive Daily Breakouts
  • Execute one of the easiest and most profitable “Gap Strategy”
  • Identify perfect entry points for Buying Bottoms and Shorting Tops in stocks
  • React to stock movements for high percentage winners
  • Become a disciplined trader trade alongside professional day traders in a real time chat
room and learn the strategies they use to make consistent profits in the market.


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